Thursday, November 17, 2016

Home Sweet Home.

The neighborhood that our hotel was located in was charming. 
Randy said it was the up and coming hot spot of the city. 
It was full of young people, and restaurants, and animals. 
Lots and lots of animals. 
More about that later. :)

Our hotel was literally these 5 floors. Just 5 rooms total, sandwiched in between apartments.
It was absolutely beautiful.

 This was the view every evening from our hotel room.
That bridge in the background literally connects Europe and Asia.
Incredible or what?

 Looking down from our hotel room, you could see a sport court and a dog park. 
Lots of action day AND night. 
So fun.

 We loved the tight streets of Istanbul. 
It was always one-way traffic.  
Which way depended on who was on the street first 
and had come down it the furthest. 
Lots of honking and backing up involved. 
Even being a passenger was not for the faint of heart.
But it made every outing an adventure :)

 Just a block away from our hotel was this amazing fruit and vegetable market.

 It was so beautiful. Even the pickiest of eaters could find something to love.

And so, for the five days we were there, this lovely neighborhood served us well.
We felt safe, secure, and just about everything we needed was within a few blocks.
Especially when we needed fresh baked chocolate chip cookies from the bakery next door!
It was such a great home base to our Istanbul adventure.